Safer Streets - Strong Communities

Block Clubs and Neighborhood Organizations: It's important that the neighborhoods where we raise our families are vibrant, safe and built on participation. Block Clubs, neighborhood watch groups and community organizers are the eyes and ears of the people. As long as I'm a part of this community, I will support opportunities for Austin, Oak Park and Leyden Townships to create a safe environment for a prosperous society.

Public Safety: The localized nature of the villages of the 78th district creates an environment where there is familiarity between residents and law enforcement. Chicago, like much of the country, needs to work smart and hard to restore communication between the precincts and the community members. It's important that the relationship between law enforcement and the people is built on communication and protecting the civil rights of every citizen.

Incorporating community relations must be prioritized in police academy training with an emphasis on positive and effective communication. This practice will create more positive experiences for officers and the communities they serve.

Police resources need to be redirected from petty and victimless offenses, towards prioritizing keeping our streets safe by prevention of violent crimes and property crimes.